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Why TNDM Stock Surged: Leading Indicator Predictions

TNDM leading indicators

On August 16th, TNDM stock increased by over 5%, after what seemed to be a stagnant time in the market. The TNDM leading indicators identified a long term turn with the stock, specifically which highlighted a positive / bullish cycle…

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Trade Signals Show BZUN Stock Decline

BZUN trade signals

On August 13th, BZUN trade signals once again provided accurate indications of the market. A decline of BZUN stock by 6% followed the predictions of a negative cycle for the stock, allowing traders and investors to…

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Why ENDP Changed Directions: Leading Indicators

ENDP leading indicators

On August 8th, there was an increase of ENDP stock by over 25%. With this turn, many traders and investors were able to look at the potential profit, while those using ENDP leading indicators were prepared for the…

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Why X Stock Declined: Trading Signal Alerts

X trading signals

On August 2nd, X stock declined by over 9%, causing a sudden turn in the market. While most traders and investors didn’t expect the volatility, BluNeural alerted those using the system to two sell zones before the turn, allowing them to…

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Why WLL Stock Declined: Leading Indicator Predictions

WLL Leading Indicators

On August 1st, WLL stock declined by over 9%, a sudden turn in the market that many were not expecting. WLL leading indicators were able to accurately predict the decline, a continuation from continuous predictions over the past year and…

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