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Why AAL Stock Has Landed: Trading Signal Predictions

AAL Trading Signals

On July 11th, AAL stock declined by over 7%. While the volatility in the market was uncertain, traders using BluFractal and looking at long term trends were able to identify the turn in April, while having confidence in the negative cycle which…

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EBay Stock Declines: What Our Trading Signals Say

EBay Trading Signals

On July 10th, EBay stock dropped by 1.29%. Even though this was an unexpected and volatile move by the stock, EBay trading signals read the market differently, showing a buy signal and positive zone for the company, allowing confidence with…

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CVS Stock Falls, as Predicted By Leading Indicators

CVS Leading indicators

On June 28th, CVS stock declined by over 6%. While many traders were not anticipating the turn, CVS leading indicators were able to see the pattern before it occurred. This allowed traders and investors to profit, even with the volatility of the…

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